Had-Fab Champs

This now annual event last Friday and Saturday in the Corn Exchange attracted an entry of over 50 players from across the Central Belt of Scotland, of whom 21 were juniors.

On the Friday afternoon there were four groups of players grouped by national rankings and also events for Under 10s, Under 12s and Under 16s.

The winners were:
Band 1: Haydn Jackson
Runner-up: Jamie Toner

Band 2: Michael Fanning;
Runner-up: Euan McKerron

Band 3: Hayden Way;
Runner-up: Hunter Crooks

Band 4: Massimo Sangatelli;
Runner-up: Ollie Anderson

Under 10s: Christopher Kilfara;
Runner-up: Massimo Sangatelli

Under 12s: Hayden Jackson;
Runner-up: Jamie Toner

Under16s: Liam Govan:
Runner-up: Hayden Way

In addition Owen Williamson was awarded the “best young umpire” award.


On the Saturday a high standard entry for the Seniors tournament resulted in close encounters in almost every event.

As well as the four events “banded” by rankings, there were Open Singles, Over 40s and Over 60s events.

There were quite breathtaking displays of both attacking and defending play in the top band and the Open Singles final, both featuring members of the Haddington Club.  Eventually Colin Green narrowly beat Carsten Giebeler in both events to retain his trophy from last year.

The other winners were:
Band 2: Lorenas Vismantas (Haddington); Runner-up: Robbie Mcintosh (Brunswick, West of Scotland)
Band 3: Tommy Crooks (Haddington); Runner-up: Charlie McGowan (Murrayfield)
Band 4: George Wilson (Penicuik); Runner-up: Liam Govan (Haddington)

In the over 40s the final was won by Peter Aird from Fife, beating Robbie Mcintosh from West of Scotland and in the Over 60s, Jim McFarlane triumphed over Alan Wallace (both Haddington.)

Tasters Kick off in Musselburgh

Table Tennis East Lothian’s month of tasters kicked off this week in Musselburgh, visiting Burgh, Campie, Pinkie St Peters and Loretto RC Primary. Level 1 coaches Lorenas and Lizzie have been on the road, so follow their progress on our twitter and Facebook pages.

Table Tennis coaching is also available at the After School Club in Musselburgh Grammar every Monday from 5-6pm, and also at Musselburgh Table Tennis Club in Our Lady of Loretto Church Hall from 5-6.30pm.